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Lauren Thanks! Can you tell us more?? So curious to hear!
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Thanks, Jared! Loved all your suggestions on how to provide the environment that our own demographic needs, though I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love your plant wall. :) Also love your prop work; can't wait to do your 1/2 ball series. And can't wait for more thought provoking tutorials from you on PA! More, please!

Maybe not on the same level of NYC stimuli, but many of our clients are coming straight from their stressful L.A. freeway commutes so they have often commented on how they love ending their day in the calming environment of my studio with its loft-life feeling of used brick walls, wooden ceiling rafters and live flowers/plants. It really does matter!
To each their own Jill , tho universally we all respond to specific stimulii such as greenery, trees, natural light, etc. I'm glad you got one of my main points - VARIATION! What works will be different for whom each of us are as practitioners, AND for the clients we want to attract , develop, and grow. Props are a fun way to hijack our nervous system's wired reflexes - enjoy the challenge! And thanks for sharing your experience in LA, awesome to hear!
Great tutorial Jared! I personal like the afterglow for most of my clients. I like for them to have some tips to use in everyday life. I love when they come in and tell me they were able to continue doing something fun when they remembered the tips they learned. I also like the information on using your space. I recently moved my studio (for the third time) and chose natural colors with lots of natural light, very little art and some really great plants gifted to me from clients. Your studio was inspirational to me because it feels like a place of peace with a spirit of friendly curiosity. The magic tricks are fantastic! I hope we get to see some more or your tricks soon! You used enviroment, intention and task to complile a concise and fun tutorial!
Jared, I was yelling "YASSSSSS!!!!" throughout your entire discussion about space design. My business partner and I created Ara Pilates for that reason, that clients should have a calm, relaxing space to move in to get the maximum benefits of their practice. Brilliant discussion Jared Kaplan this was just so good. I absolutely loved your use of the half cut balls as well, I'm going to have to try that out, so good. Can't wait to see more videos from you!
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Thank you Michelle Dowell - who doesn't like an afterglow?! If our work does NOT carry over into real life, we're simply not doing our jobs. Happy to inspire, and love hearing about Studio's and active owners like you and Missoni Lanza who are conscientious about the Customer Experience they're creating IN ADDITION to the highest standards of physical practice and care. The "magic tricks" were fun and there's more good stuff coming out soon!
LOL @ "YASSSSS!!" Right back at ya for designing a space with your end client in mind from the get-go! Stay tuned for more - and once you've tried the Mat Class based on the same principles, let me know what you think!
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Love this tutorial! So grateful for your encouragement to stop and think about how the space affects the movement experience. And I love the props demonstrations, highlighting their use as deliberate way to engage and focus clients rather than a shortcut to easier cueing. Thanks for sharing.
Great to hear Janis , thank you! Fantastic point about props: they're not just a communication tool (cueing), they're much underused in their potential to effect the nervous system and motor control.
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I just love the beauty of this. so so special and thank you for sharing.
Thanks Lani !
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