Restoring Spine Corrector<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3547

Restoring Spine Corrector
Amy Havens
Class 3547

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Thank you💜 Amy- that felt fantastic
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Patti , Julie Begun , Luda , Dorit , Kim , Margaret , Marithé , Svitlana , Anne-Marie , Anne P. , Connie and Ana Margarida Cordeiro Ferrao -- thank you all so much for leaving comments for me!! I love the Spine Corrector, as you know, and very happy when I receive feedback like this too, thank you!!!
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This class was fantastic before a full day of clients!
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Beautiful creative uses for the spine corrector....a piece of equipment I just love. Thank you Amy!
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What an awesome workout Amy Havens, thank you! I didn't just make my back feel great (I work with the Pilates Arc and I'm quite new to it) but also gave me a wonderfully released feeling in my hips and quads, which is rare! This goes to my favorites and my regular rotation :))
Thank you Leah , Melissa and Julia R !! I love the Spine Corrector too, as you know, and happy that you all enjoyed this class!!
Brenda B
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Nice class, great pace. Thank you!
Thank you ladies!
Lorie H
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Spectacular winding, twisting and wringing out. Thank you Amy.
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