Polestar Playground
Brent Anderson
Class 3554

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The partner work looks like great fun, but that yummy mat warmup is what I’ll keep coming back to over and over again. Thank you for another wonderful class!
It's hard to do this class alone.
Thank you Brent, you never fail to inspire. Looking forward to practising the handstands with my daughter!
Brent, this is really cool ! thank you for inspiring my pilates brain :)
Thank you dc. Brent Anderson!!! İt was great class as always . The partner work is so fun and helpful , will try to do very soon!! )))
Fabulous fun class! Can’t wait to try this with my clients 💪🏻💪🏻
Great class! Love the variety in tempo as well. Just got certified in “Animal flow”, some of the exercises look very similar, perhaps give them an honorable mention ?
Enjoyed this fun class, great functional movements that I will keep coming back to, thank you Brent!
every class Brent teaches is special, singular, and with many subjects..love it
Super fun! I really enjoyed it and will be introducing some of those moves in my class ;)
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