Strengthening Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3574

Strengthening Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 3574

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Loved it! :)
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I always say we need a “Love” button instead of just a “like”. There is so much here to play with. I just love how you use all of the reformer and how much fun you make every class! Thanks Courtney!
What a great class - thank you soooo much Courtney! Lovely greetings from Switzerland
Love love love! Hope there’s more coming! Can never get enough of your creativity! The head stand I didn’t love so much- guess I need work there! Always humbling to feel the imbalances and weaknesses Pilates can show.
Ha Bowtell
Awesome jumpboard/ Reformer class Courtney and I love 3 jumps and catch part, can’t wait to share with me clients. Thank you
Ingrid J
What a wonderful class!!! I think I will never do jumpboard without TheraBand again! What a great feeling! Thank you!
I love your classes. I keep watching and doing it over and over again. Always come up with a new movement! Congratulations for your simpathy. Criativity and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. 😘
I’m doing this for the second day in a row! That head stand🤩
Wow! What can I say. As always this was a blast🙏🙏🙏
Holy guacamole! I am a huge fan and have done all of your reformer classes, but this was definitely the most challenging in so many ways. Loved it!
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