Stabilize and Mobilize Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3577

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This is a wonderful class, and I keep coming back to this. Perfect when I'm not up to a very hard workout, but it still gets all the right muscles going, and also has a lot of stabilizing and mobility work. Makes me feel good every time!
Thank you so much Kristine !  Sometimes the simpler classes are so good for us, don't you think?!!
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Thank you.  I love these classes where you think there is one focus and then when you are done you have gone through the whole body.  I liked the way the roller makes you slow down a movement and focus and not get tense (my problem) Have a good day all. :)
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Excellent mini work out-great for busy people. Innovative, creative and thorough. We would like more of these. Thank you Amy!
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I love all your classes! I did a number on my left shoulder, and now my mobility is severely limited, but this class not only helped but also I was able to make adjustments without compromising the exercises themselves. 
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I was having excruciating neck and shoulder pain for the last several days and can’t get into see my doctor for the next week. This fixed me. So delicious. Thank you
Abigail K and Cara T  -- thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comments here.  It's so wonderful that you've shared how this class helped you through some of your own mini challenges.  We're in this together!  Thank you so much!
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