HIIT Mat Fusion
Jeremy L. & Cara R.
Class 3579

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Such a fun and different class! Loved it, thank you!
Thanks, Sharon !
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Great class, I enjoyed it!
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Loved, loved, loved this workout!
Thank you Anna and Jennifer !
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Great! Just what I’ve been needing!

And just curious, how are the proceeds made? Is it every time someone watches PA makes a contribution? Or are you taking donations? Something else?
mbrown we make money every time someone watches so then we give that money we make back to the Trevor Project. Thanks for watching.
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Wonderful class. I loved the mixing up of cardio and pilates. Can't wait for more of these initiatives.
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Awesome :)
Dynamic duo teaching a dynamic class!

It's Thanksgiving weekend and having just taken this class at mom's house on her tile floor using her rickety step stool (not recommended), I must say this to you both... Thank for giving this to me today and for giving so much always! Happy Thanksgiving!
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