Mindful Movement Reformer
Sara Colquhoun
Class 3616

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Delicious class!! What I needed on a Saturday afternoon. I fee so elongated! Thank you!
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Exactly what I needed today! Thank you, Sara and Mary!
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Loved this-wonderful, connected workout!
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One of my favorites on PA! Thank you [Sara Colquhoun] 😀🙏🏽❤️
Wow! The flow allowed you to fit in so many exercises/variations. Love it!!!
Wow, I love the combination of spinal articulation, hip and leg stretching, and work! I feel awesome!
Thank you so much :)
what's the name of exercise 41:21?
thanks for this class. very relaxing
Loved the class! One of the best!!!! Taught it to my students- and I have NEVER received such positive feedback and hard, focused work from them! It was craaazy good! Thank you, and hope you teach some more!
What an amazing class! I thought it would be more of a meditation but Inmnow I’ll feel it all over my abs tomorrow! 😜
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