Reformer Workout
Julian Littleford
Class 364

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GREAT fun and very creative! Except I really struggled with springs (he didn't tell us!). If someone can post the ideal springs then it will be useful for the next time I do the class...
Hi Zeena, I'll pass the question along to Julian. I was there, and I can't say for sure, but I think he was working pretty light. When necessary for form he seemed to bring it down. I'll let you know what i find out.
Julian here. The spring resistance is up to you really. When I first started to teach I only had access to a 4 spring set up on the reformer. With that in mind. I usually use 2/3 springs for the leg work (lying and standing), 2 springs for foot strap work and 1 or 2 for the arm work depending on who it is. Lighter resistance is as we know often more of a challenge on certain exercises. I hope that helps. Let me know. jl
HELPS! Thank you guys... :)
I loved the class, thank you,
Julian~ Wonderful class!! I am working on a Balance Body IQ Reformer made for home use and the reformer sits on the floor. The excercise for the back of the leg at the 34 minute mark...the standing excercise, would it be ok to be on my knee on the standing leg, or should I omit this excercise?
Hi Ann, Julian is on a plane and won't likely check the forums for some time so I will do my best to answer for him. If you feel you can still achieve the objective of the exercise by making a modification to the knee I see no problem with it. On the other hand quality of form should never be compromised. If you are uncertain, or unclear as to how to modify, I recommend you you omit the exercise.
Just did this workout again. It's killer! The excercise that I was speaking of earlier, I cannot do with my knee on the floor, as my hips are extremely tilted. Still, omitting the excercise did not seem to keep this workout from being challenging and fun!
Loved this class!
Glad to hear you worked it out and still got a great workout Ann!
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