Reformer Workout
Julian Littleford
Class 364

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As always one of my favorites, Julian we want more :)
Hi there! I have watched all of Julian's classes, and thoroughly love the choreography. His additional changes of flexion in the joint extending to extension are so challenging, and really get to intermediary muscles that I have missed. I have already started to add them into my repetoire for myself, and with clients. Thank you so much Julian for sharing your expertise and knowledge, it so appreciated!!
Hi Julian, I'm from Mumbai, India, I'm Basi Trained and this is the 1st class that I've watched all of and I must say that I loved it. It would really help if you specify how many springs you mean when you say light, is it 1 red or 1 blue. Thanx.
Hi Yasmin ~ Julian answered this question a little higher up in the comments of this class....
Here is his response.
"Julian here. The spring resistance is up to you really. When I first started to teach I only had access to a 4 spring set up on the reformer. With that in mind. I usually use 2/3 springs for the leg work (lying and standing), 2 springs for foot strap work and 1 or 2 for the arm work depending on who it is. Lighter resistance is as we know often more of a challenge on certain exercises. I hope that helps. Let me know. jl "
3 hrs ago
Great class. Wonderful rhythm and cues. The rollover variations with balanced arm support were especially challenging. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I love your classes, Julian!
Great class! I loved the standing leg extensions to the back. It was like jumping in first position on one leg.
I loved this class! Pace was great as was the stretching
Great class, i love her classes
Hi, On the lift with the knees extended in lateral rotation, are you supposed to let the pelvis and rib cage go posterior? Thanks. Nice cues and good even pace throughout the class.
Nice workout! Great flow. Thank you
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