Foundational Mat & Reformer
Brett Howard
Class 3678

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You are a Master, Brett! I love listening to your teaching style.
Precise and concise, fun cueing-AMAZING!!! Loved it, so helpful!!!
whats PCL
Thank you so much!  I loved your curing as well as your talent to converse with the client.  You make everything seem so natural.  You added to my confidence to be myself, to have fun, to laugh all while providing  the client a challenging workout.  
Thank you Brett. You are a master at teaching Pilates, its great fun to see how you get such good results whilst having a laugh at the same time and ( as you said) building those habits for life. 
Love your teaching style
I absolutely loved watching this video.  It's so lovely to see you working with someone who actually needed coaching.   Fabulous coaching skills!
I just loove the guided stretching after the stomach massage series. 
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