Be Your Own Partner
Debora Kolwey
Class 3684

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Perfect class! Helped me to change things i was doing wrong. Loved every minute of it. The ladies doing the class were perfect models as well. Helped me correct form. Had to switch to phone though as the class stopped midway on my kindle.
Argh that was great cueing! Thank you
Super class.Great instruction and loved the pace. Thank you
Debora, i just loved your class and your cues, so clear and directly responding in the body, thanks!! SO luminous, positive and sharing your intensity to be" here and now" in our bodies-))
Ah-may-zing! I'm sweating and laughing and am reminded how much I love Pilates. Thank you, dear Debora ❤️🙏🏽
Cues are great and makes you feel deeper ; thank you for this beautiful class Deborah...
Oh my goodness.  I learned so much as a practitioner and a teacher.  Superb!!
I had to comment again - I have done this class a few times and I learn something new every time! I just love the difference in each exercise when applying Debora's cues and imagination. So valuable ;>))) Thank you, Debora!
That's so great!!
Amazing... inspirational energizing makes me want to do it one more time! You are such a teacher , a gift thank you !!! Hey 
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