Cardio Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3687

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Thanks everyone!!! Glad you enjoyed this class, felt the work in the legs and most importantly --- that you all had FUN!! Keep it up and yes, keep having fun with movement!
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Nice - it's been a while since I used my jumpboard! So this was a fun way to return to it. Loved the flow and getting a lot in, in about half-and-hour. Thanks so much for putting this together!
Fantastic start to my day!! Thank you
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Thank-you! Lovely session! Going to incorporate this into my class tomorrow morning! 💖
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just what i needed for an off day cardio workout.
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Loved it !
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THANK YOU Amy!!! I always go back to this class when I want to feel challenged and don't have much time to workout! Great cardio!
Dulce Cortes Uma Sarah Jane Conrad Kalinocka Sarah Brett Bridgette Thank you so much everyone!! 
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Amy you are quickly becoming my favorite Pilates instructor! Your cues are easy to follow along with while I’m on my reformer, I don’t have to stop and look at my phone every two seconds! Love your tempo and focus in everything you do!!! 
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Excellent class, great instruction.
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