Foam Roller Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3696

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Lovely....I appreciate your pace. You move us methodically and calmly. And the weights are great. Thank you!!
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Tough class at times but absolutely loved it Meredith. Some new twists to classical excercises, wonderful!!!!
Thank you all for such positive feedback. It means a lot to me.
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I love the foam roller. Meredith thank you for this workout. I feel longer and aligned.
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I took 4 days off and came back to this beautiful, easeful, stretchy, strengthening practice. Thanks!
Great to hear ladies!
I loved this one too.
Good for you for giving yourself some days off Kandie.
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Those hamstrings just never want to cooperate doing shoulder bridges on the roller. But I love this workout all the same!
Kandie I'm so happy you love this workout!
My hamstrings like to cramp on the shoulder bridges too!
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Meredith I love the combination of hand weights and foam roller in the same session...I feel very light and also stronger at the end of the class... great class ;thank you
Cigdem great to hear!  Thank you for your feedback!!
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