Mat Biotensegrity
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3699

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ilovethat !! thanks
Thank You Mooyeon. So glad 🌞🌞
Elizabeth Larkham:

Have you any proven exercise movements that reduce discomfort due to arthritis in the hip ball and socket joints, apart from surgery (No thanks!)?
Hope to hear from you with thanks.
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absolute wonderful chaos happening in my body and brain . new connections made for sure . i LOVE your work elizabeth . much gratitude
Good to hear Alison that you flourish iwith the process of creating body brain connections, one of the many benefits of this approach to movement. Thank you very much.πŸ™
Nina, in my experience as a movement educator, each person has an individual optimal approach to supporting comfortable movement. Often this includes customized movement together with state of the art nutrition, supplements, manual therapy and lifestyle practices. In my book Fascia in Motion the chapter on Fascia focused sequences for Hip Replacement includes my preferred practices for people who do not need surgery, those who are preparing for surgery and those who have had surgery. The sequences are beneficial for everyone. Very best to you.
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I love this class Elizabeth and did it again just now I feel more open throughout my whole body.
I was so honoured to meet you in person and do your workshops which has opened my mind with my teaching to my clients. I am so grateful 😘 Trish Adelaide Australia
Trish, my pleasure to be with you and our wonderful group in Adelaide. Now you have two versions of this class - one in Australia and one in Santa Barbara πŸ™
So creative, for brain and body! It’s a fun challenge and my hips felt amazing afterwards.
In gratitude for all you contribute to my understanding of human movement potential,
So glad Amy that this sequence is beneficial Amy. It does not take very much time or equipment to feel amazing! Thank you very muchπŸ™
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