Mat Biotensegrity<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3699

Mat Biotensegrity
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3699

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this class is an absolute goldmine!--a glorious way to experience the totality and global connectivity of the human form.  I will be revisiting this again and again to build greater clarity with the movement.  Elizabeth, thank you for your endless passion and curiosity and grace.
You are a gift!
Wow Mindi, thank you very much! I’m thrilled that this class speaks to you🙏
Beverly B
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Fantastic variations, I never thought to use two rings!
Tahmour B
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Thanks Elizabeth. Such a great class. I love what you have added to the PIlates world. I love that your classes make me spontaneously laugh out loud with confusion, muscle burn, and excitement as a new myofascial pathway explodes into connectivity.
Thank you so much Tahmour for understanding my teaching intentions! Looking forward to meeting you at Pilates on Tour Sydney September 2020🙏🌹🙏
Lina S
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A very interesting practice and a challenging one for the brain too! It's amazing to feel how even the small pressure of a thumb can facilitate a movement! 
Hi Elizabeth, is this biotensegrity work also indicated or recommended for people with Osteoporosis?
Thank you for your question Hella Maria G. In my opinion this class is not optimal for people with osteoporosis. Please choose movement that emphasizes torso extension and standing full weight bearing. Steer clear of loaded torso flexion and flexion with rotation.
Thank you dear Elizabeth for your clarification!
I was suspicious mainly concerning the last exercises in supine (100-Variations) and sitting 
( saw Variation). While the bridging variations I thought  might be useful because of  providing and opening space vs compression  - and of course the standing variations because of balancing the forces in upright position and thus contributing to fall prevention. 
I love your exercises ! But since  I recently have to adapt my exercise program to the diagnosis of osteoporosis I am searching for what may stay and what I have to let go :)
So  once more thank you for your help!

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