Creative Ball Variations<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 3720

Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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Thank you Delia! Lovely class
Laurie C
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Loved the variations using the ball and cueing was very clear! Thank you, Delia
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Inna, thank you for your feedback! and thank you for starting this comment thread Very happy you liked it :)
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Laurie, You are welcome and thank you so much for saying the cueing was clear! Instructors as you know need to know that we are communicating the exercises well. :)
Really, fun and creative class!
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Janine, thank you so much! ♥️
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I can’t wait to practice this and teach it.! Your cues and explanations are wonderful and I feel like I could take this class from you by listening and not looking up to watch what you’re doing. And I love how you give options which allows some freedom to those who think they can’t do Pilates bc they are tight. The ball is a great tool that I’m excited to try. Thank you Delia! Keep them coming!
Sarah R
Can’t wait to try some of these variations!
Thank you for the creative flow! I use the Pilates mini ball a lot on my mat Pilates classes and finally find a clue to refresh the flavors of my Mat!
Thanks for sharing these variations Delia and a warm welcome to PilatesAnytime. I absolutely agree with the other comments having tried your reformer class too, the cueing is spot on!
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