Pilates in The Car
Layla Khashoggi
Class 376

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What a fantastic idea, and it almost makes me want to be stuck in traffic!! Thank you so much for taking pilates out of the studio and into the place i spend a lot of my time in! when you don't have much time, it's classes like these that get you through :)
Maureen- SO glad you appreciate the concept here. We just added a downloadable booklet to be printed, cut and stapled together to keep in the car if you want some specific reminders and more precise cueing. More will be coming to spark the Pilates fuse into the outside world Downloadable Booklet for Pilates in The Car
Anyone having trouble downloading booklet? I get an error message..."file damaged"? Help - looking forward to sharing this. thanks!
Jennifer- I can download it normally... let's see if others are having your same issue? I will direct this to the PA guys that do all things tech and see what they say.
Hi Jennifer,

The booklet works fine for me as well. Can you give me some more info? Is the error coming from your PDF reader? If so, what are you using to view the PDF? Also, what operating system are you running (Mac OS X, Windows 7, etc.)
Love this! Such a wonderful idea.
I just did this workout at the Denver International Airport while on a layover. I feel refreshed. Thank you so much! I look forward to more of these workouts, as I travel quite a bit in the summer, and miss my reformer terribly! I also get so cramped up sitting in planes!
Woo Hoo!! Anytime "airport" and "refreshed" fall in the same sentence, the planets are surely aligned Gives me some ideas for bringing awareness of this class out of the car and into the air.... Thanks greatly for the nice feedback.
Stacey when we saw Layla's response to your feedback we encouraged her to put it in the blog. Thanks!

Check it out!
Layla's blog post
I did it while sitting on my couch squeezing my computer screen. Love it!!!
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