Roly Poly Mat
Cara Reeser
Class 3823

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This class is going to be one of my favorites; I loved it a lot; Cara I am hesitating about the head position when we do bridge ; should the chin tucked in or in opposite position; and also shoulder position in roll up; you said shoulders up ...thank you for this great class...
Cigdem You want to keep your chin from tucking in too much so pushing your head back helps keep the neck in a better position. It will tuck in as you get higher.  On the roll up just avoid pulling your shoulder blades down. So glad you like the class. 
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Fun Class!
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Fun class, love the crab into head stand and roly poly bug connections, thanks!
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For someone who has always rolled like a block, this class was amazing!  Loved it.  I found my headstand without my usual overarching back and it felt so solid and natural.  Thanks!!! 
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Yes!! You Sexy Mother Heritagers!! I love this class. So good to get my Rolly Polly on. This class is a definite return visit to keep progressing. Cara you always bring it! Intellectual, challenging, and fun! I’m sorry to have not been able to do it with you all in person, but felt so great doing it with you from home. Love you all from my Rolly Polly heart! Xoxo
love this class! as a yoga and pilates teacher i was able to connect crab and headstand like never before . thank you so much cara!
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Loved this class so much!!  Thank you Cara! 
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Never enough of Cara's amazing ideas!!!
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This is an awesome class! I’ve been working on my yoga headstand lately. Have not succeeded yet but with the tools you’ve supplied on this video I have no doubt I will conquer the headstand one day!! Thank you!
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