Roly Poly Mat
Cara Reeser
Class 3823

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Thank you Cara for this brilliant class.  Loved trying the head stand
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Great class,  with interesting and exciting variations.  A great flow to the class. I am excited to teach it in my class. Thank you! X
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I loved this class! I've never done a headstand before and today I did 2. Great flow.
This was fantastic! 

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Great class with lovely descriptive images- in the U.K we call a roly poly bug a wood louse- some varieties roll and some don't. The lead up to to the headstand was fab- my legs needed to think hard about floating though! Great headstand on live filming Cara- practise definitely makes for ease of movement. I liked the bit about "it can be a bit messy' when you are learning too!
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Thank you, Cara! That felt incredible! My neck feels great afterwards!
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Cara! I love this class. I was obsessed with roly poly bugs as a kid, so naturally I loved this. I live out in Gunnison County and would love to do some Pilates with you the next time I’m in the big city!
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Great class Cara! So needed to get my rolly poly on!! You rocked that headstand too!!!!
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I just love you Cara Reeser! Thank you for this great class and someday I hope to join Cathy Grants heritage training with you!
What a fantastic class! Really loved the whole theme. Thank you ❤️
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