Small Barrel Reach
Andrea Maida
Class 3838

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👏👏👏👏bravo you are a Wonderfull Pilates teacher I love your work
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Enrique thank you so much for your kind words on my video! Thank you for watching :) 
Loved it!  Thank you! 
i still have a lot to learn ,  thanks 
I love it!!!!
Thank you so much Dolly! xo
Nataiane - That's the thing about Pilates - it is a wonderful journey that never ends - there's always more to learn, refine and celebrate! Thank you so much for watching :) xox
Thanks so much Michelle!! Thank YOU for watching :)
Loved the workout Andrea!...swimming and swan and rocking are challenging!
Andrea loved this and such a great workout and that ending was so much harder then doing it width ways 😳😳
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