Small Barrel Reach
Andrea Maida
Class 3838

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Me gustó Andrea.Trabajar la extensión de sistema axial por ejes y despues de formal global me parece buena idea para seguir después con el refuerzo muscular del  control central.Felicidades
Selene - thanks so much - yes those mat exercises on top are super challenging but I find them to be very informative about what things are not working ha ha - and of course you don't want to land on your face LOL - Thank you so much for watching !! xo
Darren - so glad you enjoyed the workout - good for you! And yes, I also find single leg pull and double leg pull balanced like this to be much harder than the other way along the width as you say. It is my understanding that the balancing ones come from Joe Pilates - not surprising given their difficulty - but you really notice whether you are using your center or your limbs #priceless - Keep up the good work! xo
María - Thank you so much for watching - so glad you enjoyed the workout! Cheers to you :)
Marci I [Heart] you right back! xox
Thanks Andrea! I've done your vid twice now and really like the fast pace and exciting moves on the arc barrel. Cheers!
Beatrix that's awesome!! The barrels ARE exciting - I agree :) Good for you and keep up the good work. Thank you so much for watching! xox
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