Detailed and Profound Mat
Madeline Black
Class 388

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Loved the cueing. Can't wait to teach your single arm swimming sequence today. Thank you Madeline!
at 46 minutes the class stopped playing
Cindy we can't find anything wrong with any of the formats for this class. They all are playing all the way through. Have you had any trouble with other classes?
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Wonderful new ideas for cueing! Thank you!
really enjoyed this class. Thanks ! :)
Love Love Love Madeline!
a beautiful session !!! I love the foot cues....and the swim....I feel long and lean !!!!
This also cut out at 46 min mark for me. It has happened with another class also. Very frustrating. Tried restarting after this point but it just hangs and doesn't resume.
Seems to happen at around the same time point, so classes up to 40 min not affected but longer classes stop playing
Elisabeth I tested this in high and low formats and it played all the way through, so there isn't a problem with the video file. Sometimes, there can be a disruption in your internet connection. Another good idea is to check how many windows are open and to restart your browser or your computer prior to taking class. Ted says that sometimes browsers slow down or quit after they have been open awhile. I have learned to make it a habit cause I can't stand it when it pauses or quits on me!
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