Connect to Deep Abdominals
Meredith Rogers
Class 3948

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Really enjoyed seeing this session done with a “real” student!  I wish my students had her commitment and focus!!  Appreciated hearing your thoughts as you taught the session, Meredith.  Great job both of you!  Thanks!
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I enjoyed this session immensely.  A lot of good information for me to practice along with Tucker.  I also really enjoyed seeing Meredith’s joy when a new connection was made.  What a wonderful teacher you are Meredith!
Thanks ladies!!  Keep your eyes out for more classes with Tucker.  We are doing quite a few.
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loved this class - I'm 10wks postpartum and this was a great way to get me to be more aware of my core getting back on the reformer. There's a reason why Meredith is my favorite instructor! 
Thanks connie! Definitely a great way to build your strength back up!!
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Amazing - thank you Meredith and Tucker!
Thank YOU Kristi!
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This is a great lesson- I am Tucker! I have struggled with rib problems and lost the transverse connection somewhere along the way. I feel sure practicing along with Tucker will help tremendously. Thank you!
Dawn how awesome for you to get to learn with Tucker.  Unfortunately, this project has been understandably put on hold for now but we will pick back up again as soon as we can.  Until then, please enjoy and keep practicing the ones that are so far on site.
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Meredith that was AWESOME thank you! I have never sweat so much during my Pilates breathing exercises :) My body could never get enough of this kind of practice, thank you.
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