Decompress Your Spine
Tom McCook
Class 3967

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Thank you Melissa! That's exactly the feedback I hope for, helping you feel more functional, strong and connected to support the challenges of life more skillfully. Be well, stay safe and sending you my best!
Perfection: Simple. To the point. Well guided. Totally relevant. Great length... in my spine AND the length of class. This is a keeper!
You’re very welcome Maggie!
Thank you for your inspiring feedback! Be well and all the best to you!
As always, thanks.  As a previous person said, cues are so clear you don't get a fright and keep trying. 
Hi, Is it possible to modify this if I don't have that particular piece of equipment at home?
Hi Judy,
Thanks for your question. You can use a triad or gerdie ball for a good portion of the exercises lying supine on your back or the side lying position. For the prone exercises, Try putting a folder yoga mat under your pelvis to give you a little bit of elevation. See how it goes, sending you my very best!
Thank you Tom! Your voice and cueing is exactly what I needed ❣️
Ahh.... relaxing and challenging at the same time. Thank you!
Thank you for the great feedback! Your very welcome!!
Having taught 2 classes first thing  I did this session for myself and now feel long, connected and aware of the decompression elements of this class. Your instructions are so precise and you always teach with clarity and humour. Thank you Tom.
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