Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3981

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Perfect! I love 30 minute sessions! Ready to take on the rest of my morning!
Fantastic Meredith! I like the pace as it gives me time to adjust my reformer if needed. I still have to pause but that's okay, it's the overall pace that I like, also total body workout.  Nice to see Amy too! 
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I love the flow and pace of this class! 
Thanks gals!  Amy and I had a nice time and we love that you are joining us.
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I love working alongside my friend Meredith Rogers !!  I'm sure we'll do it again soon!
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I love your classes. The flow and different variety!
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Beautiful class Mery! Great start to the day and inspiration before going to teach Pilates, thanks!
Thank you for this class. Smooth, Fun and effective .
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So many wonderful exercises in a quick class.  I'm ready for my day now.  Thanks Meredith:)
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Than you Meredith. I like the arm series rolling on the box!
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