Mat for Stress Relief
Amy Havens
Class 3987

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This was SOOO good. I loved the sweetness of it. Super good stretch. Thank you!
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really relaxing.. i love it... please have more sessions like this.. THANK U!
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Lisette-Anne V and Lorena T thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for me here about this class.  I'm very happy you enjoyed the relaxing nature of this!
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How nice and cool is this class thanks alot
Glad you liked it Fatima  !  Thanks for being here!
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Thank you Amy - i love this class so much and return to it and it always hits the spot... just what i needed and perfect start to my day today thank you 
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this class is just what my mind,body and soul needed. thank you,Amy
Angela T Bonnie C thank you so much... I really enjoyed offering this class too and very happy it's a go to for you!  
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Thank you for an amazing class! This was exactly what my body needed. I can move and breathe better :)
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exceptionally nice class
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