Athletic Wunda Chair
Maria Leone
Class 3997

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I was just thinking last night that I wish you'd do a chair workout! 👏😀
Thank you!
Thank you Maria! The handstand at end was a fun challenge I need to practice. You also made me want to get a chair with handles so I could do the fun transitions. I always love learning from you.
Okay, Maria, I have to update. Came home from work & did this workout. Remember when Eddie Murphy described his aunt falling down the steps? "Oh, Lord Jesus help me, Jesus help me Lord, please!"
That was me most of this workout. Loved it!! 😄💃
You are cracking me up!!! It was hard for me too.  I remember perspiring a lot thru filming.  Hopefully not too much of it showed.
I just watched this and I can’t wait to try it! Looks challenging and fun. Will let you know :)
fabulous class, thank you.
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Mat class please!
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20-40 min advanced mat class?  love your work
Oh my gosh...that was crazy!  You are so funny....can't wait to get on my chair!
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I love it when a good chair class comes up. Mine tends to get under used. Great class!
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