Athletic Wunda Chair
Maria Leone
Class 3997

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Where is the Advanced Mat Class from this outstanding Teacher and Practitioner? Please advise?
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Awesome teacher 
Awesome flow 
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What a great class, I can't wait to give it a try! Super fun! Thank you!
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I would love it if you would all film yourself and post on Insta!  Please tag me so I can see you (bodylinela)...It gives me a strange thrill.
thank you Maria :) you said 3 springs - 1 high and the other 2 @?
So much fun!!! Would love to see more 30min classes
Amazing class, I found myself shouting encouragement in the last tough arabesque move. Fantastic workout, thank you!
Oh shoot...Did I  mess up?  I am sure you figured it out by now?  No one has posted themselves on Insta yet performing any of this chair.  Please tag me if you do.
😎.. simple. I loved it!!!

Love it! I need to practice the handstand. Thank you!
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