Reformer Box Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4030

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Great workout! Plenty of creativity and fun! Brilliant! I loved it!

Thanks for the great work out with the long/short box and few spring changes.  So nice to see different variations on the exercises.
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This was an awesome class Delia.  Thank you!
Thank you Delia! Amazing, fun class!
Can’t wait to try this class!!!
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I loved this! Thankful to have a reformer at home right now! I almost didn’t do it bc 70 mins seemed long and boy was I wrong it flew by! Everything flowed seamlessly. I really liked the supported flexion w/ straps on arms. Takes everything out of you neck and makes you feel all the right muscles fire. Awesome class for surfers too. Yummy rotation too! Thanks
Hello! Thank you for great class! It was hot👏
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Nice flow with innovative variations. My fave: Round-Back Knee Stretch. Such a delicious lumbar stretch - thank you!
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The originality is mind blowing.  So many new things to try.  Great flow and wonderful cueing.
Great flow!  Really enjoyed the class!
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