Day 1: Abdominals
Carrie Pages
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Hi Carrie, this workout is great, but it is very fast! I don't have time to finish one set that you're already on the next! I am used to Pilates classes where the instructor goes slowly.
I enjoyed it so much!!! Thank you!!!
Hi Carrie! I am not new to Pilates but I have made a looong pause! I loved the first day abdominals and am looking forward to the rest of the 10 day challange. The pace is a little fast for someone who didn’t do pilates in a while.
Hello Carrie, I am confuse when you said: away from the T-shirt.  Could you please clarify if that is toward the belly or toward the back? Thank you Carrie :) ~ Ana
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This is WAY too fast to be labeled "deliberate pace."  It also doesn't have the proper cues for those of us who use pilates to work on alignment and rehab, and I felt like I was in serious danger of hurting myself multiple times during this class.  This reminded me more of an intense non-pilates workout on the pelaton app that I need to avoid so I don't injure myself.  Pilates anytime or Carrie, please relabel this class. 
Deborah B ~ Thank you for your feedback. Compared to our other paced classes, this class still fits the deliberate category as Carrie takes her time explaining each exercise and has a slow and steady pace throughout. We're sorry that this class did not work for you and we're happy to help you find the right content for you. Please email us at if you would like recommendations.
I was thinking I might do Day 1 and Day 2 one after the other. But now I don't think my tummy could do another thing! Thank you!
Loved that this is my first day of Pilates Anytime. The one thing I struggle with is keeping my neck lifted for a period of time. Is there a good exercise to build neck strength?
Loved it! Loved the pace- so nice to fit in before work!
Love your class.  It's my 20min go-to when I want to lift my energy and move in to the next phase of my day.  It was a good level of tricky when I first did it but now I'm on my 5th go - I'm rocking it ! Really enjoy the next (extension) class too.  Thank you!
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