Feel-Good Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4136

Feel-Good Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 4136

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Wow, I was so happy to find out  there was a new equipment class for me to try out this morning. A class by lovely Amy at that! Thank you all so much and take care :))
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Very excited to have a new reformer class! I also want to take time to thank you Amy for the wonderful live classes you are doing.  I look forward to them every week.  You are one of  the most creative Pilates teachers.  Every week it is something fresh and I so appreciate it. ( I’m actually now developing a mat practice.) Also thank you to PA and all of the wonderful teachers who have been so quick to pivot in these circumstances.   It is very much appreciated.  Thanks for filming a new reformer. Best wishes.
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So happy to see a reformer class!!! Thank you Amy. Going to take it right now!
This is an awesome class, love the cues, thank you for sharing it with us.
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Amy, I love your classes and I'm watching this even though I don't have a reformer!
Advise if you don't mind, would you recommend an aero? They look more compact and seem to be very reasonable second hand, I don't have much space! Thank you for your time!
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Amy loved it ! Clean and simple exactly what I need from my home bb reformer wake up and move start ! Now corona in saudi Thursday doesn’t seem so dull ! Xxxxxx Amy
Betty S
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Love Amy's classes and was thrilled for a new "at home" reformer class that covered everything!
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It really felt good! Thank you Amy for doing this class. During this pandemic I've done a lot of mat so it is great to see a new reformer class! :)
Kathy P
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Thank you Amy! Just what was needed today.
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Thank you so much for this class. I appreciate you! Please record more new Reformer classes 🙏
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