Feel-Good Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 4136

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Great class! Love your cues. I feel good. 😁
Thanks so much CB !!
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I just got my aeropilates reformer for my birthday and I was so excited to try this class. It felt wonderful and great to be back for the first time on a reformer since March 2019.  Thank you Amy!
Samaris M happy to hear you have your own Reformer at home now, what a wonderful birthday gift!
Dear Amy,It was once again a great hour, I can always follow you so well. I like your hours
thank you
Greats from Hamburg
Christina Busse
Thanks Amy! What an amazing class! I have an Aero Pilates machine at home so I can practise when I can't get to the studio so your videos are great. Thanks! (from Ash @ TYPP/TheRehabHub in Glasgow!)
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