Form a Strong Foundation
Brett Howard
Class 4169

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Great class.  A good pace but not rushed with excellent teaching points and options for the less able.
Thank you! That class felt good!!! :)
Just what I needed during my lunch break. Great cueing! Thanks
My first aim taking your class, love it, very clear teaching cues x
this class is beautifully challenging, working in nuanced ways with engaging core and posture in the movement. feeling very warm and lengthened!
great awareness of hip movements and I like using (i used a dog toy instead of a towel for low back support) have such a sweet, clear, competent way about you. love RBG and "i'm just asking..."Look forward to more classes with you:) thank you!
best teacher
I loved this class when it was live in July and I’m loving it again/still in winter.
There is a dependable similarity to Brett's Classes, both in terms of difficulty and style. Additionally they are always superbly cued. I wore 5 lb leg weights for the class which worked for me. I had fun & got a good workout. I am also a RBG Fan. Thanks Again Brett:) 
I second the favorite side line exercises and the teaser prep! Thank you Brett! WE also need more work outs for kids school age, please!!!
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