Mood Elevating Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 4170

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This mood booster came at exactly the right time for me. Thank you, really needed this.
Super class, love the live atmosphere...thank you
Awesome class Meredith, great workout thanks!
Thank you🙏 
Thanks for moving with me my friends. I  started this class so cranky but  with the elements of power of breath and movement and focus shift I finished it feeling so much better.  Big shout out to Todd for the comedic break.  Lets keep moving so that we can survive this corona coaster together!  
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Great video, thank you Meredith!
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Thank you for a great class. I love how it just flowed and you make it seem so effortless :) 
Meredith Rogers This class was really wonderful! I've had a not so good day today, and this class helped to lift up my mood! Thank you so much 🙏
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