Athletic Standing Mat
Chris Robinson
Class 4177

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Chris, This a great addition to the classes here ! Thank you and I hope there will be more like this :)
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Thank you for your message to the Pilates Community and your workout, powerful for the body and powerful for the mind. 
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Great class! Pilates Strong💪 Pilates HIIT🔥More like this please!
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that had to be an hour...not just 15 minutes!!!! WOW   thank you
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So I admit I chose originally chose it for its short sweet length 😂😅😅😅 Hard it was. Turns out..... strong I am. Strong we are. Thank you.
amazing!!!!! loved it! so strong, energetic!
That was so fun. Real homage to Joe the boxer! More from Chris!
it was great! more please;)
Bring it to the promised land!!!
Let's go, Moses!
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