Build On Your Practice
Maria Leone
Class 4342

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Maria, I loved this class - felt so good to move.  I'm positive my moves were pretty ugly, but it was fun.  definitely a vid I'll come back to and hopefully improve.  Thank you!
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what a wonderful class! Thank you!!
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I love all the variations of yoga, Piyo, and Pilates in this video! 
Very fun!
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Amazing class! I've loved the flow, the slow preparation for the final crow. A great take-off for a new year. Thank you!
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Before I joined P.A. last March I belonged to a club where I did yoga 2x a week for 5 years. So I found this class a delightful mix of Yoga & Pilates. I had fun, sweated, and got a good workout. Besides Crow I loved the repeated leg over leg stretches. Those really helped loosen me up.  I also liked that this class had elements of a Yoga Flow Series. Thanks Maria:) 
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What a great class! I loved the fluid flow and the creative mix of moves. Something new for the new year! Great cues and energy from Maria. Thank you!
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What is this witch craft at 22:09?!!! HA Loved it!
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Hi Maria, I have loved your classes on good to see you again! Thank you for something different and challenging. Really liked all the constant stretch in between & the flow was beautiful. Can't wait for your other 3 classes!!! 
I saw you. I downloaded. Just.What.The.Dr.Ordered. Yowsa.
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Really made me get involved in the movement and concentrate on the flow. Felt good to move, thank you.
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