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Maria Leone
Class 4342

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Loved this class! 2 days later and my muscles are still screaming. My first intense class after letting my fitness levels drop for months and it's got me excited about being got and strong again. Can't wait to do more of your classes and definitely this one again.
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Wow.  I am beaming right now.  Loved your fusion class.  I am training to be a pilates instructor and currently a yoga, and dance instructor.  I have done martial arts so everything you did rang a bell for me.  I am in Los Angeles and would love to visit your studio when we reopen.   I am so inspired right now.   
full of spirit thank you.xx
Loved the flow although had to whip the computer screen around with me when I found myself facing the wrong direction, lol!  Those fab arabesque and attitudes, and childpose gave me pause to regroup.  Wish I could've done the balance at the end.  Been many moons but am heartened by your words that it's about finding balance (& I suspect, arm strength which I'm working on!)   
Loved this class, Maria! I feel re-energised and happy! I will be including it in my favourite rotation, thank you!!!
Nice class! Constant weight shifting to front on all fours was tough on my wrists though. Anyone else experiencing this with mat work, and any suggestions?
That was a class that I feel like was crafted just for me! As a Pilates instructor and yoga lover that just felt amazing, well rounded, intense and incredibly smart! Thank you!
I really enjoyed this class
I wanted to like this class but there are just way too many transitions and the instruction is not the clearest. Had to stop at 23 minutes because I was getting frustrated. Thanks still for coming up with such a complicated routine 
Wonderful class, Maria! Thank you!
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