Slide and Shine
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4427

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Gary M Hi I'm so glad you felt at "home" & well done for having an extra 5 lb leg weights wow nicely done! Is it nice to know you can move freely without worrying  about the Pilates Police hahaha! I'm so thankful you enjoyed moving with me! 
Lina S Lovely to know you enjoyed! Yes I think it is really fun and gives great feedback! 
Rachel L Hi Racheal, thank you I'm so glad!! Yes honest with deep movement yes, while working on the clever body compensations.  
Darlene M Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the cues and felt challenged! Well done for taking this class! xoxo 
Barbara L Hi Barbara you are so kind thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed, thanks for moving with me! 
Brian B Hi Brian, thank you for the kind words! Wonderful that this class helpt you to find something new yay. There is always room for more connection. Lovely news!  

Genevieve Malcolm Oh you are too kind, thank you! I'm glad we have met! :D 
Sharon C Thank you I'm happy you enjoyed the flow and how I tried to build up well done for taking this class!  
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