Reformer Workout
Michael King
Class 448

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This was just amazing!! I really enjoyed the variety!! I wish i had a clara or regular spine corrector. I have the foam balanced body arc and it would not fit properly to do those beautiful exercises....darn!! Thank you Michael , your so fun to work out with.
Thank you Michael,
It is always great to see new choreography and movement to further challenge ourselves and clients. (and more men in the classes and videos!)
Raymond Harris
I think this is more of a "how to teach" video than a workout itself.
Loved this sequencing. Let's have more of it.
Nice...especially liked the step barrel on the reformer...thank you!
Thank you for great workout. Question, what were the spring setting for the footwork/roll up/ bridge sequence?
I agree with Pele...I think this was a "how to teach" video than a regular workout. Very good stuff though!
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Fantastic sequencing and great stuff!!! Thank you.
Love it! What is the spring on the spine corrector sequence? Really creative fun sequencing. Thank you! I like seeing this strong work with men, by men, for.... everyone.
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