Reformer Workout
Michael King
Class 448

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Hi Libby ~ I believe the spring tension was a yellow (very light) or a blue spring.
There were some lovely sequenced moves to challenge the mind and body further in this teaching session. This again illustrates that your imagination is your only limitation as far as the movements are concerned!
Again, PA never disappoints - absolutely fantastic. Poor man's version of spine corrector - bosu? And some of this I can bring to the mat! Thank you a million times!
Good Idea with "the poor mans Spine Corrector - bosu" Jennifer!
And thank you!
Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this class. I especially loved your comments about spinal neutral at the beginning and your comments at the end of the video about sequencing and not losing the quality of the movement to choreography. Thank you so much!
This was very inviting to see.....
Good to see the men rockin' the arabesque. I'm about 30-40 degrees away from goal.
Thank you! Great information and ideas!
Great Workout. Loved the sequencing and the light springs!!!!
Thankyou so much Michael! I feel very inspired now with such a different flowing sequence that I had never thought about. I think I have become very rigid in my classes, not really combining exercises like this, or flowing one into another. I guess when teaching small groups, with everyone performing different exercises at the same time, geared at their individual abilities/injuries, it makes it hard to teach a continuous flowing sequence, but as you said, start with one section, master that and then flow to the next. An awesome challenge for my clients!
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