Unraveling Tension
Tash Barnard
Class 4482

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This is a gift🙏🙏🙏
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Very nice; full body workout, will go back and do this again.
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Love this class Tash, super pace definitely one to repeat again and again. Straight into favorites x
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Loved it!!
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Puhhhh what a class! Need to try again. Had to do some regressions. Especially the standing exercises on one foot and the standing splits I felt too scary to do. So I did the one leg ones on the floor and the splits with the foot on the frame instead on the footbar. But I keep trying! 
Z A 
Well done!!! For being so creative and mostly safe in your own practice ZA! 
I look forward to hearing how you build your courage and strength to trust your body into the splits!
Take your time and stay in touch!  x
Rebecca C 
Thank you for moving with me Rebecca!
See you back here soon!!  x 
Nicola F 
Oh YAY Nicola!
I'm pumped to hear your body enjoyed this session!
Now keep moving and let's be better together!  : ) 
Barbara L 
You're doing so so well Barbara!
Again, I love that you are placing value on safety and allowing your body to arrive and move in your own capacity!
WELL DONE!  I salute you!
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Thanks so much Tash, I've really enjoyed your series of workouts!
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