Unraveling Tension
Tash Barnard
Class 4482

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Another great class from Tash. My whole form has changed thanks to Tash’s constant cueing! Thank you Tash :)
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This was soooo wonderful! I love the mix of challenging with stretch. Loved the bridging in the beginning. Hope this series continues and continues!
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Fantastic series, thank you!
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I aspire to be as strong as you, Tash.  Thank you for this outstanding series.
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Great class Tash.  I missed this live, but it was still a wonderful class.  My body feels so challenged and unraveled!! Thank you!
I am loving all of these classes! Feeling it in my body and your cues help me so much. Thank you!
First time viewing a video featuring you as an instructor.  Loved your queuing. Will definitely be watching your other videos,
so good!! love the challenge, the pace, all the things!! thank you 🙏🏽❤️
Fabulous and extremely challenging. I have to keep trying certain positions and moves.  Excellent. Thank you, Tash
Fantastic class❤️the whole program was incredible!! Thank you!! 
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