Coordinating Loop and Band
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4488

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Hi Misty 👋Loving all your workouts and have learnt loads !!!! Great tip about the band ‘handles’ Thank you for sharing your knowledge and excellent teaching 👏👏👏 p.s the cat nearly joined in too 😆
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Even without the 5 lb leg weights I wore, this was still probably one of the harder theraband classes I have done.. and I loved it.  Do you want to get your shoulders in shape and give them some therapy?.. Take this Class!  This was a harder but doable workout. I had a good time and feel much better.  Just remember that in a Misty Lynne Class the aggression  comes later:)  Thanks Again Misty Lynne!
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Been loving your classes. What is the length of your theraband? Mine was too short, so it was a little hard to do all the exercises.
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Thank you for your wonderful class and your creative use of the theraband. It's one of my favorites. Can't wait for your last class. Thank you!
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That was just so funny! At the beginning of the video the cat shows a keen interest in your class of water. WIth eyes in the back of your head you appear, to the cat, to be saying 'no, no, no' and s/he saunters off! Sorry, not Pilates related, but it tickled me!
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OMG! I really really loved it! Do you suggest a lenght for the theraband? Thanks!
I really liked your class and very good teaching rhythm and the cat is beautiful. I am Spanish and my English is not very good. see you soon
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Thank you for the great class
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Great class, thanks Misty Lynne! I had a little trouble with using the Thera band for some exercises because I am taller, but substituted for light handweights when I had to (particularly for the butterfly sequence).
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