Coordinating Loop and Band
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4488

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Thank you!  Great flow to sequencing.  Beautiful, clear and strong!
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Great class! Strong and  graceful 
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I don't like the theraband but I do like Misty Lynn Cauthen! So I did this class and enjoyed it!
Adrian D Thank you for watching! And the kitty appreciates the mention as well... she can be a tad camera shy! 🤣
Gary M "Just remember that in a Misty Lynne Class the aggression  comes later:)" That's high praise! I plan to let my studio clients know that some people actually appreciate the aggression! 🤣 As always, thanks for your feedback, and for watching.
Rhonda N So, the band length will depend on your height. I'm about 5'4 (with my absolute best posture); I usually keep two bands beside me and select them based on what I'm doing. In this workout, I used my 5'8 band the entire time. It was occasionally short, but I was able to push through. Err on the side of caution - I would've preferred my 6' band for this class. Let me know how it goes!
Lina S Thanks for joining me -  it's been such a fun run!

John Ove We're always battling over my water glasses... I'm glad she picked up on my subliminal "no!"
Viola S Hi! The length of your band will depend on your height and your proportions... if you're smaller than 5'7, I think you'll be ok with a 6' band. Any taller and you should go longer. Hope that helps.
MARÍA ÁLVAREZ María, tu inglés es mejor que mi español, ¡estoy seguro! Gracias por mirar, ¡y tu gato es hermoso!
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