Sweaty Mess Mat
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4491

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Alexandra likes to challenge us and that's fine with me:)  If it involves much flexibility, I will suck at it, but I enjoy trying.  My exercise area is fairly cool, but I did sweat. If you have trouble rolling up to standing, try crossing your feet. It's about 50% easier that way. I am a big fan of Alexandra and her classes! I look forward to next week's installment.  Thanks Again Alexandra:) 
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WOW! Just when I thought I was in shape...lol! Thanks for another amazing class with challenge and variety!  PS: you make it look effortless  - my new goal ;)
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Whew! This was a challenge for me and I'll return again to not just do the movements but to try to do them with some aplomb I thought this was just as creative as the rest of the series & really appreciate learning a lot and something new, such as the boxing moves. I didn't know that Pilates had some roots in the martial arts.
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Amazing class! I am a sweaty mess but your cues and positivity helped along the way. Definitely a humbling class for me. Thank you for all your incredible classes.
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Definitely a challenging class. A great idea to roll on ourselves... as we used to as a child!
Definitely worked up a sweat! Challenging but 50 mins flew by! Will come back to this when I need a good full body workout
Hi Gary M, Thank you again for your sweet and helpful comment, yes cross the legs great advice! Or just do the squat part of the exercise without going  all the way down. Aways it is so nice to hear you got a sweat with this class  YES! Last class will be fun just think we are all adults with a big kid inside!! 
Robin G.  Thank you for your kind words & well done for doing the class you are stronger than you think! I guess we alI feel the same way as you, haha a never ending challenge LOL! I 'm delighted you enjoyed the variations! Yes, go back to and do this class again and each time it will feel effortless to you too (BTW I felt every move haha). See you on the next class. xoxo
Hi Brian B, well done for doing it and YES return and conquer this class you can do it! Thanks again for your positive and encouraging comment! I particularly love the martial arts elements of Pilates (control of movement, precision, intension, flexibility...).  
Hi Cindy K, oh you are so sweet thanks for your uplifting words! I'm pleased to know you were a sweat mess yay! Pilates is humbling to us all, it definately keeps in check! xoxo
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