Dynamic Control
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4493

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Fantástica la clase!!!
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Really loved! So  creative.
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Vigorous class and fun! Thank you and I love your palm trees. 
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channel your inner macaroini... lol!
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great morning wake up call for entire body thank you Misty
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what an interesting, challenging class with a great pace and timing for the middle of a busy day.
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Loved the little cat tail waving in front of the camera at times!  Great class, and creative use of the ball. 

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Me encantó tu clase. Gracias
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Misty Lynne mentioned that her ball was only partially inflated. As I discovered it  would have been a good idea to do the same. Lots of creative exercises. My exercise room is fairly cool so I don't usually sweat, but I did in this class:) I had fun & feel better. Thanks Again Misty Lynne! 
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That’s is wonderful!!! Thank you. 💓💪🏻⚡️
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