Dynamic Control
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4493

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Brian B Thanks for watching, Brian!
Heidi B She's always waiting for her close-up!
Gary M The squishiness of the ball allows for you to become a part of it, if you're using the right muscles, of course. When they're fully inflated, they're often too firm--they "fight back" instead of giving in. Glad you liked it!
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Soooo great, thank you
Love your creativity! Also love how you ask 'please join me' - Beautiful form to watch. Thank you for inspiring me
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I am writing again as I purchased the Franklin Ball to use with this class and it so powerful, very well designed class with this ball.
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Thank you, it was funny ❤!
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Really good for brain, balance and everybody part to toes!
Judy P Thank you! I like to explore the props as more than just a way to make the work easier--they can be so powerful!
Wellness through movement ❤️thank you ❤️
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