Heat Up Your Core
Jamie Isaac
Class 4520

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Debra H Awesome! Thank you for joining the challenge.
Kate C So happy you joined the challenge and feel fired up! Keep flowing
Shannon H thanks for working out with us and I'm glad you enjoyed the variations. They're fun ways to connect with the power house, right?
Becky C Thank you! And I hope you enjoy the other workouts too.
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Great cues and easy to follow along without always looking at my screen. Also enjoyed the intense exercises with low reps. 
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Nice class, I particularly liked how you built up the Side Bend with two options.
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Great class!
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I liked thigh stretch and the splits series at the end. I always forget you can mirror exercises that usually require springs on the mat. Thank you.... Looking forward to days 2-5! 
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Loved it soo much. And what a beautiful setting!😍
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Thank you! I liked the roll like a ball variation.
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