Reformer Workout
Kathy Corey
Class 459

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Nope still not working. :(
The company that hosts our videos, Brightcove, had a power outage at one of their server centers on Saturday that has affected our East Coast customers but everything should be working now. If you are still having problems, try refreshing your connection to Pilates Anytime or restarting your computer, although selecting AUTO-DETECT generally seems to be making the videos work.
Fantastic sequences. Learned something new with cueing with class today.
Can I just say, this was so challenging! It was perfect! Absolutely perfect!
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I am so happy to be teaching again at Pilates anytime. I will teach a new reformer class, a mat class and an equipment workshop. Love to have you in class or to watch the courses when they are on Pilates Anytime.
Ah-mazing! Enjoyed the heck outa that! Had me glistening!
Feel like rubber... in a wonderful way!
This was excellent. Thank you Kathy:))
Pilates es lo más hermoso y cada maestro demuestra que no hay nada que Pilates no pueda mejorar
Wonderful workout! Feels great!
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