Enlighten Relaxation
Jason Williams
Class 4606

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Monica W You’re welcome! Hope like the next one 😃
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Another great full of energy class. Thank you Jason Williams 🙏
Sam C thank you for the lovely comment.  Glad you enjoyed class.  Keep up the amazing work🙏🏾😃
Bruno thank you so much 🙏🏾😃
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Normally I really don't like rolling back exercises... I don't know why  but I really enjoy doing them in your classes instead! Thanks for the classes!
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Thank you. What a beautiful way to start my day!
Viola S glad you enjoyed the roll downs. 😃
Lyn G thank you for taking class 🙏🏾😃
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Awesome class - thank you!
Laura Anne P you’re welcome 🙏🏾😃
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